Message from the President

Creating an optimal Research Environment
Peace of Mind

President Hideo TAKAHASHI

Our value is to create an optimal Research Environment for the leaders in Experimental Science. We not only provide Research Equipment, but also Research Information, Research Grants and other services that will bring you closer to your research goals.



The birth of Experimental Science is said to have been proposed by the Philosopher Francis Bacon about 500 years ago.
Since that time, Scientists have been required to make observations, then formulate a theory to explain those observations, and finally verify those observations through rigorous experiments.



In the future, with the rapid development of new technologies such as AI, and the realization of a carbon-neutral society in 2050, what will be the state of the research fields?



  • The entire experimental process will be monitored and databased, eliminating the need to write experimental notes.
  • All research commodities will be available for purchase in a DX environment.
  • All general-purpose research equipment will be shared and freely available to researchers.
  • High-priced research equipment will be reused without contamination risk, and can be used at a lower cost than in other countries.
  • Deliveries will be made by environmentally friendly means of transportation.
  • LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) data for all products will be disclosed and provided.
  • Disposable products such as plastics will be replaced by carbon-free products.
  • Only freezers equipped with zero greenhouse gas emission refrigerants are in operation.

Even if processes and environments change, the last step as "verification through experiments," should be continue to exist.

―Students born in 2031 who aspire to be researchers are enrolled in the university, and all researchers are excited about their dreams and excited about research―.

As "Research Environment Coordinators" who can realize such a future, we will continue to support researchers by their side, keeping in mind the realization of these goals by thinking backcast.




Corporate Philosophy

Contribute to Society through our business
to support the development of Science Technology

For the prospective development of our business, we aim to be a company that can contribute to the development of Science Technology in Japan, by our involvement in Industry-
Academia Collaborations and our entry into new Technologies and Business fields, as well as continuing our company pillar as to focus on our research support business, which delivers optimal solutions to customers.



Management Policy

1.Creation of Change

As professionals, we will play a role in creating change, rather than following change, as the world changes and lifestyles change, based on our advanced expertise and information gathering capabilities.

2.Business of Security and Trust

We always work closest to our customers, standing in their shoes and taking pride in their trust that "Ikeda Rika makes them feel secure”.



3.Pursuit of Fulfillment

We will create a rewarding company as each employee can take on challenges of a higher dimension through fair and just evaluations in a natural and free corporate culture.

4.Sustainable Development of the Company

We will strive for sustainable growth as a leading company with value by always looking ahead of the times, taking on the challenge of new technologies and businesses, and positioning ourselves in growing fields.



5.Compliance as a Code of Conduct

In order to carry out our corporate philosophy, we will set compliance as our code of conduct and act in compliance with laws, rules, and regulations, and we act while maintaining high standards of corporate ethics.