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IKEDA SCIENTIFIC is a specialized trading company that provides the most advanced scientific and
biotechnological equipments. Since 1931, we have accumulated abundant expertises.
We are able to suggest the most appropriate equipments from our over 3000 domestic and overseas suppliers.
In addition, we provide our original attractive items to scientists.

Company Profile



Total equity
50.4 Million JPY
480(as of October 2023)
Annual turnover
25.2 billion JPY(fiscal year ended August 31, 2023)
*Irregular settlement of accounts due to change in fiscal year end
Head Office
Kanda KS building, 1-8-6, Kajicho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0044, Japan
TEL: +81-3-5256-1811, FAX: +81-3-5256-1818
Branch Office
Hachioji, Koganei, Tsurumi, Yokohama, Fujisawa, Hiratsuka, Mishima, Fujieda, Nagoya, Osaka, Iwakuni, Chiba, Tsukuba, Saitama, Utsunomiya, Sendai, Sapporo
Life Science-related equipment and reagents / Analytical instruments
Optical Instruments / General-purpose laboratory & research equipment and consumables
General-purpose physical and chemical equipment for laboratory facilities / Design and Sales of agricultural science related equipment / Others:


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Carbon Neutral Initiatives


IKEDA SCIENTIFIC provides researchers with optimal solutions in “7 areas” based on the government's Green Growth Strategy.

From our wide range of products, we offer a wide variety of solutions for "equipment used in research and development to achieve carbon neutrality"

and "environmentally friendly products" that contribute to the reduction of environmental impact.

(1) Offshore wind, solar, geothermal

(2) Hydrogen fueled ammonia

(3) Next-generation thermal energy

(4) Automobiles, storage batteries

(5) Carbon recycling and materials

(6) Semiconductors, information and telecommunications

(7) Resource recycling


Carbon Neutral Initiatives (JP)

Contribution to regenerative medicine field


Since 2015, we have been promoting our Regenerative Medicine Project, which contributes to solving various issues in the field of regenerative medicine.

As part of this project, we have launched SAITAS, a select brand for regenerative medicine research and development.

SAITAS is a coined word that is an acronym for the Japanese word "to help regenerative medicine.

Our expert staff selects products from our extensive product lineup to meet the needs of researchers who wish they had something like this or an interesting product like this.

In addition to product proposals, we also support regenerative medicine research and development from various angles through our blog, webinars,

and the "IKEDA SCIENTIFIC AWARD," a research grant for young researchers.



IKEDA RIKA Online Catalog


※RIKA means SCIENTIFIC in Japanese.

We have categorized and introduced about 1,800 products from our major suppliers.

In addition to life science, we offer instruments for research in a wide range of fields such as food, environment, chemistry, materials, and energy.


Online Catalog (JP)

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